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  • Follow TRISH project on Research Gate and be informed.
  • Contribute data from Panarctic river basins to TRISH Tool.
  • Interested in collaboration? - we welcome participation!
  • Be the first to learn how TRISH Tool works.
  • Want to present Arctic Hydrology research at LTRR Brown Bag via ZOOM? Let us know.

How to Contact Us

Send your inquiries to We value all input - especially from those who are the future of the scientific community: students and early career scientists.

For outreach materials, see the TRISH brochures.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Finding the right data for a research project is a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for data users who may explore new types of data sets outside of their own disciplines and for people searching across disciplines.

The TRISH project develops a data repository and modeling tool for hydrological observations and tree rings (the primary type of climate proxy for now) for everyone's use. The tool incorporates 1) uniform interfaces for data access that look familiar and 2) a visualization kit to plot and map the archived series before downloading or modeling. We also intend to provide data that meet users’ research or application requirements with respect to the data format, projection, model grid, spatiotemporal resolution and etc.

At this early stage of TRISH development, we encourage interdisciplinary cooperation for online archiving, visualization, and analysis to make the analytic experience of future users more comprehensive and productive.

Share with us your thoughts about data format, positive or negative experience working with online data tools, or desirable datasets for research on Arctic Amplification and climate change. Become an interdisciplinary collaborator or tool tester! Contact us.

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